Once upon a time there lived a tortoise and rabbit in a jungle. Rabbit used to laugh at tortoise for being so slow. One day tortoise challenged rabbit for a race. Rabbit accepted the challenge and laughed at tortoise since he knew that tortoise was going to lose.

The race began and rabbit as usual ran way ahead of tortoise. Rabbit attained a massive lead from tortoise. After reaching half the way rabbit got tired and decided to take sleep for a while since tortoise was moving at a very slow pace. But soon tortoise overtook the sleeping rabbit.

After a while rabbit got up from sleep and looked back on the road but could not find tortoise anywhere. Thinking, that tortoise was still behind him, rabbit ran towards finish line. Upon reaching the finish line he got shocked to see that tortoise was standing there celebrating his victory. Rabbit realized his mistake and apologized to tortoise for his behavior. From that day onward rabbit and tortoise lived as best friends.

Rabbit learnt very important lessons that day :-

  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Never be overconfident in life.
  • Do not stop until the goal is achieved.