Once upon time there was a boy who used to get angry very often. Worried by boy’s temper, his father decided to improve his behavior. The father gave his son a hammer and a lots of nails and asked to hammer a nail in the fence whenever he got angry.

Initially the boy had to hammer a lot of nails into the fence, but as the weeks passed he realized that it was easier to control his anger than to hammer the nails into the fence.

One day he did not get angry at all and told about this to his father. Now the father told him to pull out a nail everytime he is able to control his anger.

As the days passed the boy removed the nail from the fence one by one and finally there was no nail left on the wall. He told this to his father. The father appreciated his son on finally able to control his anger.

But father took his son to the fence and showed him all the holes created by the nails. Now father told him that due to the nails hammered, the fence will never be the same. Similarly his anger has created scars on the minds of other people which cannot be forgotten despite his apologies. So he should never get angry and handle the situations smartly next time.